THE HEIGHT PROJECT. Why should we worry about global warming ?

THE HEIGHT PROJECT. Why should we worry about global warming ? Global warming is the silent intruder into our world causing problems by small degrees every day. The ice caps in Antarctica and Iceland are melting, and glaciers are retreating. This stored water is now flowing into the oceans causing sea levels around the world to rise and endanger coastal cities and low lying islands. Global warming is simply the average increase in the temperature of the Earth's atmosphere. Temperatures change all the time but for the past eighty years the temperature of our atmosphere has been steadily increasing. As world population increases so does our need for transport, heating, cooling and manufacture, all requiring energy provided by burning fossil fuels: oil, coal and gas. Converting oil, coal and gas to energy releases carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere preventing the Sun's heat from escaping; the greenhouse effect. It is considered by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration at Mauna Loa in Hawaii that carbon dioxide in our air has reached a level we can no longer repair. For a long time many people chose to ignore, or refused to believe in, the information science was providing. Others recognised a problem but went about their lives as usual believing someone else would fix the problem. Thankfully, as always, there are some people, the few, who believe by changing the way we live something can be done to save our world. With hope The Height Project has chosen to do something , to fight, to make a difference. The Height Project, to support our dream of a better world, has invited 50 young, talented and successful celebrities to support us. These artists are well respected for their concern for the environment and want to play an important role in communicating ideas that will help the future of our planet. They have come together to present a themed fashion show like none other before ... Global Warning, Global Effects, Global Relief, Global Home and Global Dream. We ask you to please give your generous support to this project. Proceeds from the sale of these unique fashion photograhps premium book and exhibition will be donated to the Medical Srinakharinwirot University Development Foundation, under the auspices of HRN Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, to assist their vital work. Wishing you the joy of shared love for our world. Surayuth Vilailaks Editor and Director THE HEIGHT PROJECT